The ROBOVET4ALL educational pack and competence framework

Based on the investigation in IO1 the main aims of IO2 are:

  • To define benchmarks and indicators for the ROBOVET4ALL Competence Reference Framework (syllabus) against which VET students’ coding/robotics skills, as well as other related skills such as teamwork, STEM etc. will be monitored, assessed and validated through the Open Badges system that were developed in IO3.
  • The design and development of the Dual Educational Pack which contains the VET Teachers training course for the acquisition of coding and robotics skills to support the introduction of the project (later to be used as a KA1 Learning Mobility, Teaching Guides for coding and robotics, Cross-curricular scenarios for robotics related to specific subjects of the NC, teaching material to support coding and robotics (on-line learning modules, videos, resources etc.).