2 EK Peiraia

The 2nd E.K. (Laboratory Center) of Piraeus was founded in 1986. It is a Greek public Training Center for secondary vocational education, located in the industrial city of Piraeus, the largest commercial port in Greece.

The training center’s main purposes are:

  • to provide students with competencies, knowledge, skills, abilities and behaviors, critical to successful job performance;
  • to better link education with work and secure better job prospects for its students;
  • to boost apprenticeship and broaden career guidance;
  • to develop students’ initiative, creativity and critical thinking.

2nd E.K. Peiraia provides workshops in 29 specialized laboratories for the training needs of 11 different vocational Sectors / Specialties:

  • Information & Computer Science (specialties: Computer Network Technician; Software Technician)
  • Mechanical Engineering (specialties: Car Mechanic, Mechanical installations Technician)
  • Electrics, Electronics and Automation (specialties: Computer Electronic Systems Technician; Electrical Systems, Installations and Networks Technician; Automation Technician);
  • Construction (specialty: Constructions and Geoinformatics [GIS] Technician)
  • Agriculture-Food-Nutrition (specialties: Floriculture and Landscape Architecture Technician; Food & Beverage Technologist),
  • Seafarer’s Professions (specialty: Merchant Navy Deck Officer; Merchant Navy Engineering Officer)
  • Health & Care (specialties: Nurse Assistant, Pharmacist Assistant, Neonatal Nurse Assistant)
  • Aesthetics and Hairdressing Art (specialty: Hairdressing Art)
  • Industrial Design (specialty: Fashion Design and Garment Production);
  • Economics and Business Administration(specialtiy: Tourist Companies Clerks).

In these laboratories 77 teachers of almost all the technical specialties are training 850 students in two shifts (morning and evening). The Laboratory Center as an autonomous school unit participates in various educational programs (environmental, carrier planning, European projects etc). It collaborates with local authorities, enterprises and industries in various subjects related to the different fields of technical and vocational education: organizes students’ visits to enterprises as well as to exhibitions and events related to their subject matter.

Contact Details:

Panagiotis Skafidas
E: 2sekpeir@sch.gr