I.E.S. María Moliner

The I.E.S. María Moliner is a public high school. We have two kinds of studies: Secondary Education (compulsory education 12-16 and bachelor 16-18), and Vocational Education. The school has approximately 1.300 students enrolled, of which 700 are vocational students, and 120 teachers. The school has an agreement with the British Council to provide bilingual education in compulsory secondary education.

In our school there are three different specialties called “professional families”. They are the following:

  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT).
  • Electricity and Electronics (E&E).
  • Administration and Management (A&M).

In these professional families you can study different levels: Basic (FPB) (ages 16, 17), Middle (ages 16-18 or older), and Upper (ages 18-20 or older). Vocational training is highly valued and it is an excellent opportunity in an environment with very high rates of unemployment as Spain is. Students can enter directly into their areas of interest.

Besides work experience obtained while studying, at the end of the studies there is a mandatory period of apprenticeship with placements in local business and all across Europe. That is why our school has put into practice work-study programs in accordance with agreements signed by Spanish and foreign enterprises and companies, some of which with international relevance.

The vocational education goal in our school is to improve the correlation between vocational education training and social demand, according to local development needs and human resources.

Our school has an extended Erasmus university charter and it is very committed to European projects, such as a Leonard project with Finland, several Comenius projects, Student exchanges (Poland, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, France, Canada), and finally three Erasmus+ KA2 projects.

Contact Details: 

Margarita Sanz Lobo
E: 40003666@educa.jcyl.es