The assessment, validation and Open Badges eco-system 

Based on the development of the benchmark research to map out the current scene in each of the participating countries in terms of robotics teaching, the development of the Competence Reference Framework with inbuilt benchmarks and indicators for young people’s learning progress and skills identification, in this Intellectual Output (IO3) the main aims are:

  • To design the eco-system where the Open Badge system (based on the Robotics Competence Framework-IO2) will develop in order to identify, recognize, and validate the robotics, teamwork, problem solving, social etc. skills of all stakeholders involved in the implementation stage.
  • To promote the use of an innovative, simple and rational tool – mechanisms for transparency, validation and recognition of the various competences, to be acquired through the synergies between VET schools, enterprises, stakeholders and authorities in an open and digital setting.
    – To initiate the creation of synergies between the VET schools, labour market, NGOs, institutions, schools, stakeholders, authorities etc., for the endorsement and accreditation of the ROBOVET4ALL programme and the coding skills of young people.

The Open Badge Designs that will be implemented into Moodle, will have the following structure:

Module 1: Programming in C++ 

  • Badge 1 = Topic 1: Code Trainee
  • Badge 2 = Topic 2: Code Padawan
  • Badge 3 = Topic 3: Code Knight
  • Badge 4 = Topic 4: Code Master
 Module 2: Robotics with Arduino
  • Badge 5 = Topic 1: Robo Trainee
  • Badge 6 = Topic 2: Robo Padawan
  • Badge 7 = Topic 3: Robo Knight  
  • Badge 8 = Topic 4: Robo Master

Open Badges Reports